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06 October 2013 @ 04:13 pm
A Kisumai Meme  

So this is an attempt to somewhat revive my journal from the dead. :P
yukiko_no_niji was looking at the one she did a while ago and it seemed interesting. shinikara did one the other day too.

First is first, who's your favorite? Senga Kento!
Who's sexiest? Fujigaya. :x  Although Senga and Kitayama come pretty close for me.
Cutest? Senga (this doesn't bode well for the rest of my answers...)
Funniest? This is a hard questing... Ni...ka...? Maybe? I find them all pretty funny to be honest. Lol.
Best smile? Senga
Best dancer? Senga, but I like the way Kitayama dances, too.
Best voice? I love Nikaido's singing voice. Kitayama has a nice low, raspy bedroom voice. :X
Favorite song (group)? Pre-debut: Goodbye, Thank You.  Post debut: I really like Tanagokoro. (I like ballads, okay?)
Favorite performance? Do concerts count as a performance? I really liked the "Inori" performance in PZ'09. I also liked the "Exit" vs "T-Song" performance.
Favorite non-performance moment? Kisumai wo Abake! The original one in 2009! Lol. Or, because I recently rewatched it, in 2007(?) when Senga couldn't math on Shokura so they made him hold the other team's balloon as in got bigger and bigger.
Favorite costumes? The kimono. Or maybe the blue Firebeat costumes that apparently just got passed down to Snow Man... Or the track suits.... :X  I don't have a favorite apparently. LOL
Favorite solo? Give Me
Who should be the next one to get a solo? Senga~~ Because "Exit" hasn't made it onto a CD yet and I want to hear recorded versions of the DBJ solos this year.  But if we're talking someone who doesn't have an actual solo yet, then Nikaido. ♥
If you had to choose one, who would you want to meet? Senga! I just want to put music on and freestyle together. Lol.
Who would you have most fun with? NikaSen. Lol. They seem like tons of fun. :P
Who would you choose to go on a date with? You're all going to be shocked. Senga. :P
Who wouldn't you want to be stuck on a desert island with? Yokoo. I feel like I'd panic on a dessert island and Yokoo would get mad at me for it. :x
Where would you take your favorite on a date? Amusement park~ I want to ride the ferris wheel with him~~ We don't have those in Hawaii though. Lol. So maybe karaoke, since it's something I like to do often.
Hardest one, rate the boys (favorite - least favorite):
1. Senga
2. Nikaido
3. Kitayama
4. Fujigaya
5. Tamamori
6. Miyata
7. Yokoo
Have something else you want to write? I.... Can't think of anything to say here... LOL.  When I went to the concert this year, Senga was almost right in front of me and my heart was already pounding so hard! I can't imagine actually meeting him, or any of them. I might end up in the hospital... Or the person with me would... :x
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Yukiko no Niji: Senga belloyukiko_no_niji on October 7th, 2013 08:09 am (UTC)
This was interesting!!
I'm happy you did it *__*