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♪♬♩♫ Kis-My-Ft2 ♫♩♬♪

~♥ NiSen ♥~

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Whoever said dancers were graceful never met me :)
18 July
Hello there~
You can call me Mariko! I am currently a University student studying Travel Industry Management.

I really love Japanese culture and Japan in general! My aunty likes to joke that I was born in the wrong country. XD It's a good thing Hawaii has a lot of Asians.

I love Johnny's~ My very first J&A fandom was Arashi! My favorite member is Sakurai Sho~ ♥
My favorite group is Kis-My-Ft2 though. I used to be Kitayama Hiromitsu biased, but my favorite member is definitely the dancer and the baby of the group, Senga Kento.

I also enjoy Yara Tomoyuki, Yamamoto Ryota, Kiriyama Akito, and quite a few other Juniors.

In real life, I love to dance and I often go to Karaoke with my friends. :)

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