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15 September 2011 @ 07:58 am

Since I'm sitting in the dining hall at 7:00 not dining and waiting for my class to start at 8:30, I thought I'd post my English homework brand new ficlet.  I guess I should explain what I was SUPPOSED to be doing for my homework...

1)  Eavesdrop on a conversation somewhere (i.e. the bus, coffee shop, around campus, etc.) and write down the conversation.
2)  Edit the dialogue creatively and create a scene, using various techniques to establish characters and setting.

What I did:

1)  Take a talk from Shounen Club and very, vey, VERY roughly translated it/created an english conversation based on what they were talking about.
2)  Wrote a ficlet where Shige (7WEST) and Chinen (HSJ/NYC) are girls and Kami (7WEST) and Yuma (NYC) are their boyfriends... Oh. And they're at a club.  .__.

So... *ahem* Here.  XD


What I used as my conversation:

“Wait a minute... First of all, why is Shige sitting between Chinen and I?”


“That should be me sitting there right?”

“Ask. Try asking.”

“Ask? Who? Shige?”


“Will you... Switch seats with me?”


“It’s okay!”

“Yuma, it’s okay! You’re sitting next to me that’s why!”


The ficlet:

Title: Request
Pairings: Shigeoka Daiki/Kamiyama Tomohiro, Chinen Yuri/Nakayama Yuma
Rating: G
A/N:  This story is most likely OOC because it was meant for my class and people who have no idea who these guys are... Thank you to talisa_ahn for the beta and the title~ ♥  Without her, this would've been called "English HW?" because I was tired and fail. XD
Also, I took this particular creative writing class to help with my fic writing... Let's hope it works~ :D

The two couples stepped into the unfamiliar club, eyeing the crowded dance floor before walking over to the empty space at the bar. After each person took a seat, Yuma noticed that something was strange. 

“Wait a minute...” Yuma yelled over the loud music, looking at where he was sitting, over at his girlfriend, and then back again. “Shigeko... Why are you sitting between me and Yuri?” Yuma and Yuri had just started dating, and he had not yet gotten over the feeling of wanting to be near her all the time.

“Hmm?” Shigeko replied, pretending not to know what Yuma was talking about.

Tomohiro, Shigeko, and Yuri ordered their drinks as Yuma continued to stare and Shigeko.

Tomohiro smirked from his seat on Yuma’s other side as Shigeko countered Yuma’s genuinely confused expression with an innocent, angelic one. 

“Why don’t you try asking her to switch?” Tomohiro called out over the noise of the club. Tomohiro was used to Shigeko’s antics, and he was sure that his girlfriend sat between Yuma and Yuri on purpose to cause trouble.

“Asking who? Shigeko?”


Yuma turned to Shigeko and bit his lip hesitantly before asking, “Shigeko, can I sit next to Yuri?”

“Nope!” Shigeko said in a sing-song voice, taking a sip of her cocktail.

Yuri giggled as she flashed an apologetic smile at her boyfriend, while Tomohiro burst out in laughter. He swung his arm around Yuma and patted him on the shoulder, “It’s okay Yuma.  You’re sitting next to me!” 

Yuma shrugged off Tomohiro’s arm and whacked his friend in the back of the head before standing up and pulling Yuri off to the dance floor, leaving Tomohiro at the bar holding his head, and Shigeko laughing at him.

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Kira_Shadowkira_shadow on September 15th, 2011 06:03 pm (UTC)
aw XD
that moment in SC was so random and funny ^_^

poor Yuma. girls are so complicated ;D

have a good day!